Tips About How to Avoid Cell-Phone Radiation

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Nowadays, fashion mobile phones are the products of information era, they are everywhere in our daily life.  Do you ever worry about the radiation that cell-phone brought to you when you are enjoying the convenience of using mobile phone? Scientists have found that the cell-phone has done much hurt to our brains. I know that many office workers like to use it as an alarm  clock. So when they are having rest, they are used to put it near the pillow. This is a bad habit because the radiation of cell-phone has a bad effect to your head. Those who often hang their phones on the neck should be precautious that the radiation may have some bad effects to their hearts and endocrine systems.

Maybe you are too busy to think about how to avoid it, now please put down your business and spend several minutes to look through this paper, you may find something useful to you.

First, to avoid radiation, you have to choose good fashion mobile-phones. This means you can buy those that have network access license, which can reduce the 80 percent of radiation.

Second, use normal telephone as long as possible. If you have one at hand, please throw away your cell-phone. Normal telephone is safe enough.

Third, if you want to protect your bowels, hang phones on your waist may be a bad idea because it is close to your body. If the cell phone of container accessories touches your body too often, your liver will be hurt in the long run.

Fourth, do you often answer phone at the corner of the building? But usually the signal at corner is weaker than other places, on contrary, the radiation is much stronger.

Anyway, the most important way to protect you from the radiation of cell-phones is put it away from you. You can put it in your handbags, when you are having rest in your office or at your home, do not put it near you.

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Tips About How to Avoid Cell-Phone Radiation

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This article was published on 2010/09/27