Seven Tips On Preventing Electromagnetic Radiation

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It seems that all the electric appliances are necessary to our daily life. Therefore, our home is full of all kinds of these electric appliances. However, do you know that many electric appliances have radiation and it will do harm to our health. So, it is become a serious problem for us. There are seven tips can help us prevent the electromagnetic radiation.

Do not put household appliances too centralized or use them together, especially television, computers and refrigerators should not be put in the bedroom, so as to avoid exposing ourselves to the risk of overdose radiation.

Do not stay behind computer. The placement of computer is very important. Do not make the back of screen toward someone as possible as you can. Because the back of screen is the right point which has the strongest radiation, and followed is its left and right sides, the weakest is the front of screen.

You can use water to absorb the radiation of those appliances. We should keep a good working environment in the interior of house, such as the comfortable temperature, clean air and so on. Because water is a good medium to absorb the electromagnetic waves, so we can put several bottles of water around computers. However, the bottle muse be made of plastic and glasses, we should avoid using the metal cup.

Reduce the standby time. If we suspend to use the appliances, then we should let them in a standby state. Because at this time, weak electromagnetic field will be produced, so long time weak radiation will also accumulate radiation.

Wash hand and face in time. Because there are lots of static electricity exists in screen, and the dust accumulated can turn to adhere to our skin of face and hand that exposed. So, if things go on, there would be macula and pigmentation appeared on our face, and, more seriously, it can cause skin lesions. Therefore, after using these electric appliances, we had better wash hand and skin in time.

Supplement nutrition is also a method to prevent radiation. The computer users should eat carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges and milk, eggs, liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement vitamin A and protein. In addition, tea is also necessary for us. Because tea contains a kind of material called tea polyphenols which can absorb and resist the radiation, so tea is a good choice for computer users.

The moment that phone is connected to call, the radiation can achieve its peak, so answer the phone in one or two seconds. And do not answer phone when it is charging.
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Seven Tips On Preventing Electromagnetic Radiation

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This article was published on 2010/10/17