Reduce Exposure From Wireless and Low Power Frequency Radiation

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Technology today gives us all kinds of devices to make our lives easier but not without disadvantages.  Our appliances puts out electromagnetic radiation called electro pollution. 

Electro pollution is unseen, unfelt, and unnatural electromagnetic fields that we are continually exposed to.  There are two types of electro pollution and the ones we are most strongly exposed to is the wireless.  The wireless microwave frequency radiation comes from cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, Wi-Fi connections, microwave ovens, xerox machines, electric radio clocks, baby monitors and the list goes on and on.

The second type is the low frequency radiation such as electrical home appliances, televisions, radios, underground power lines, cell phone towers, tv and computer screens, central heating pumps, transformers, electricity meters, etc.

The symptoms that are caused by t he invisible electromagnetic radiation are:  Headaches, disruptive sleep pattens, chronic fatigue, depression, hypersensitivity and erratic blood pressure, skin complaints and behavioral patterns in children.  Children under 8 years old should not be allowed to use cell phones.  Children, the elderly and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk from the health effects.

The penetrating electromagnetic pollution in our homes and businesses can not be good for our health.  There are ways to control our exposure to electro pollution.  We might have to train ourselves to do things differently but it can be done.  Remember, we use to not have all these advantages and there are prices we pay for our perks unless we take a little time and correct it as much as possible.

Helpful suggestions to reduce the EMF Exposure:

***Keep all electrical devices away from your bed, especially the head of the bed.  You can move your pug in radio to the other side of the room or replace it with a wind-up model.  Keep your television and stereo components as far away from your head as possible or better yet, remove from your bedroom.  Or you can unplug everything every night before going to sleep.

***Use your microwave oven as little as possible.  Do not stand in front of your microwave oven, stand to the side or about 6 feet from the oven while in use.

***Cell Phones have become our main source of phone use and we really need to be aware of the high levels of exposure we have.  To control the amount of exposure look for a cell phone that emits far less EMF.  Get you a speaker phone feature or text messaging generates far less EMF, but do not text message while driving.  If you do have a land line, wait until you get home and call back.

***Cordless phones which are very popular, generates radiation.  You can exchange the cordless for a land line phone with a cord.

***To make your home safer, unplug all electrical devices that you can when you are not using them, wireless or not.  If it plugs in, it emits electromagnetic radiation.  It might be a hassle but it's worth the trouble.

***The largest exposure of radiation is our work place.  The office has computers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, large electric motors, electric cables, power saws, drills that generate radiation.  Maybe if the owner or boss is made aware of the exposure, adjustments can be made to lower the risk.

We can't do away with technology because we enjoy all the modern conveniences, but we can change our habits.  We can be cautious and do the things I have listed above to loser the risk.

If you doubt my information, there is a device called the Electro Smog Detector that detects radiation in your home and work place.  The device checks out where the radiation is coming and you can take steps to change things around.  Your bedroom is one of the most important places to make your changes because you stay in the same area the whole night.

Your own Electro Smog Detector can monitor your living environment, especially your bedroom.  Take it to work and monitor your work place and maybe things can be improved.  Being aware of this danger and changing the arrangements can improve your health and quality of life.

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Reduce Exposure From Wireless and Low Power Frequency Radiation

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This article was published on 2010/04/02