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Recently, the United States a report on the survey data to mobile phone radiation, many people's hearts pulled up. The report said the amount of radiation the top ten mobile phone in an exclusive international brands actually nine seats! Although the peak radiation of these devices does not exceed the European standard (2.0 watts / kg) and American Standard (1.6 watts / kg), but significantly lower than the national Ministry of Health and the standards set by the State Environmental Protection Administration (1.0 watts / kg) than many. Combined with radiation while ago some of the media rumors lead to brain cancer cell phone news, can not help but remind me of people

Home Appliances Radiation concerns. China Environmental Monitoring Center to monitor

expert Professor Zhao Yufeng told reporters, general household appliances will generate electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution, but the two concepts. Home appliances using a low voltage general, only produce low-frequency electromagnetic radiation; and electromagnetic pollution electromagnetic radiation only over a certain intensity (ie, health and safety standards limit), the only negative effect on the human body, such as headaches, insomnia, memory depression, high blood pressure or decreased, cardiac abnormalities such boundaries. According to the relevant standards, as long as less than 12 V / m, household appliances on the compliance of the electromagnetic radiation.

Professor Zhao said the general's household appliances, such as

TV , Refrigerator, Washing machine And other electromagnetic radiation are small, they do not focus on display, and often stay away from 1.5 meters outside the office, you can greatly reduce the damage on the human body. In contrast,

Microwave ovens Radiation relatively large, it should be used as little as possible. China Environmental Monitoring Center published in the indoor

Home Appliances Radiation ranking, microwave ovens first place, nearly doubled the national standards of radiation over as the home of the most dangerous "health killer."

Professor Zhao also warned that low-voltage power transformers with a magnetic field is relatively high, but we can guarantee the safety distance of 0.3 meters. Such as cell phone chargers, and the people in charge should keep a distance, especially not on the bed.

Attention to the ventilation appliances. In a confined environment, the electromagnetic ionosphere will air separation, it is easily absorbed in human skin, which is hazardous to health.

Radiation adjacent room can not be ignored. Most home appliances connected to the rear pipe, where the highest magnetic field, coupled with relatively strong magnetic field penetration, so it is separated by a wall with the location must also pay attention.

Shorten the exposure time of household appliances; sure to wash your face before going to bed; do not use electrical appliances, the best power source, because the power of electrical appliances can produce radiation.

Children, pregnant women and the infirm should be strict control of people watching television, playing

Computer Time and distance. In the diet, have consciously eat plenty of rich

Vitamin A, Vitamin C And protein foods, in particular, eat seaweed, can effectively enhance the capacity of resistance to electromagnetic radiation.

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Microwave Radiation Health Appliance Killer Uncovered Topped - Microwave, Radiation, Kitchen - Hc

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