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Many medical procedures require the use of radiation, which can be very damaging to the eyes. Doctors, nurses, medical staff, and laboratory technicians who work around radiation on a regular basis need to protect their eyes with leaded eyewear. The latest studies have shown that very small levels of radiation can cause all kinds of eye problems, the most common being cataracts. Without the help of protective the glasses, those who have experienced regular exposure to radiation could face risky surgeries, or even a premature end to their careers.

They are used to be awkward and heavy, making them difficult and unfavorable to wear. However, in recent years, they have become much more lightweight and stylish. Frame colors and styles come in a variety of options to satisfy anyone's preferences. As far as comfort concerns go, it offers nose piece options and adjustable bridges, and adjustable straps if desired to reduce all types of irritation.

Those who already wear prescription eyeglasses need not worry. In the past, anyone who already wore eyeglasses would have to find protective leaded eyewear big enough to fit over their regular lenses. This created not only an awkward and uncomfortable situation, but could also impede vision. Such problems made leaded eyewear unpopular, and a lot of people chose to face the risks of radiation rather than deal with the nuisance of wearing safety glasses. However, modern technology has combined safety and function. It is now available with prescription glass custom made for anyone who already wears prescription eyewear. Protecting your eyes from radiation is as simple as slipping off one pair of glasses, and putting on another.

In order to provide the adequate amount of protection, leaded eyewear should have lenses that are at least .75mmPb in the front. While side lenses are definitely necessary, they can be a little less protective than front lenses, and .5mmPb usually meets the required safety standards.

When considering to use leaded eyewear, it is important to remember that radiation builds up in the human body. That means that each time a person is exposed to radiation adds up; it is not just one "bad" exposure that you have to look out for. They should be selected carefully because it is vital that it be worn every single time radiation is present. If you choose leaded eyewear hastily, they might not fit properly, or impede vision, and you may be tempted to not use them all the time.
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Leaded Eyewear

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This article was published on 2011/02/09