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Electromagnetic radiation threat to human multiple systems, but not confirmed pathological damage.

Ministry of Health said recently, IT and other new industries have replaced the traditional industries into new multiple occupational fields, electromagnetic radiation into a new occupational hazards.
Microwave ovens
, Computers,
Air conditioning
... ... The face of electromagnetic radiation, people with reduced. The electromagnetic radiation threatens human reproductive system, immune system, cardiovascular system, but the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Southern School associate professor of gynecology Chan Liao pointed out: Although the electromagnetic radiation hazards, but medical science has yet to confirm the exact cause pathological damage , IT who pay attention to white-collar workers are also not cause for protection.

IT industry into a new type of high incidence of occupational diseases

IT, bio-medicine, and other new industries have replaced the traditional industries as multiple areas of new occupational diseases. Ministry of Health recently revealed that China has been the occupational categories of 14 in 1957 expanded to 115 now, 50 years increased by 7 times. However, due to occupational diseases faster updates, computer syndrome and other emerging diseases have not yet incorporated the new statutory occupational disease.

Present, China has been expanded to 10 occupational categories 115, including radiation oncology, Lead and its compounds, poisoning, heat stroke, hearing loss and other noise. With the IT, biomedical, microelectronics and other high technology industries the rapid development of occupational diseases and sick people gradually changed. Occupational hazards are no longer limited to traditional, heavy metal category, but there was noise, microwaves, high-frequency, electromagnetic radiation, such as diversification trend.

According to the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, International Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Board and other authoritative departments of the detailed data, electromagnetic radiation, occupational groups in 11 broad categories of potential hazards. The 11 large high-risk industries include: widespread use of computer network and clusters of financial securities industry through the room and fired a large number of electromagnetic waves from outside the studio broadcast television industry, IT industry, much of the power of electromagnetic wave strength and communication industry, civil aviation, railways, using high-frequency therapy equipment, medical industry, extensive use of scientific instrumentation equipment industry, using high frequency, and microwave electronic equipment industries, modern office equipment and a very popular, and Golden-collared white-collar people who could not escape of electromagnetic radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere

's Understanding found in daily life, many sources, microwave ovens, computers, TV sets, air conditioners, mobile phones, will have radiation, including microwave ovens, mobile phones to high-frequency radiation-based, TV, air conditioning and computers to mainly low-frequency radiation. And let a lot of people think of is that when the hair dryer operation amount of radiation generated among the best in home appliances. It is found that different brands of mobile phone calls when in standby and low-frequency radiation is different. However, in the standby mode, the difference is not, in the calling and called state, are basically floating in the same area.

Why would the human body electromagnetic radiation hazard? The original, it is a complex wave to the electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other changes over time delivery of energy. Human life activities include a series of biological activity of these biological electromagnetic wave power is very sensitive to the environment, therefore, electromagnetic radiation can impact and damage on the human body.

Typical example, many young people mobile congee or face the computer for too long time after the operation, may be dizziness, nausea, insomnia, forgetfulness and other sub-health performance, in fact, this is because when the body is receiving electromagnetic radiation, thermal effects and can cause central nervous system dysfunction in the spirit of plants.

Clear water wash can reduce 70% of the radiation

Chan Liao pointed out that, if it can not avoid all kinds of computer-based electromagnetic radiation, at least, they should maintain "an appropriate distance." It was explained that the spread of electromagnetic radiation with distance, exponential decay regularly, the longer the distance, the more attenuation index.

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Consumer Alert To Create Occupational Risk Of Electromagnetic Radiation - Electromagnetic Radiation,

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Consumer Alert To Create Occupational Risk Of Electromagnetic Radiation - Electromagnetic Radiation,

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